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Childs Davidson runs regular Trade Spend benchmarking studies in some 20 markets internationally. Clients keep coming back to these studies for three main reasons:

  • Fishing where the fish are: Our TS Productivity index shows you in which retailers or channels others are gaining or loosing ground, providing a significant advantages as you plan for next year’s trading strategy, adjusting your investment portfolio to fish where the fish are.
  • Protecting against productivity erosion: our TS Quality index shows you how well your spread of investment compares with peers in targeting brand activation with shoppers. It provides the metrics that will drive more robust investment decisions, with an eye to not mortgaging the future for short-term gain.
  • The human factor: Customer Managers can have a big impact on financial results. Yet they face career risk every day, given the constant pressure to perform, so their understandable risk-aversion can present a barrier to innovation and opportunity. Benchmark results can show them that other companies are achieving more, providing them with impetus to set higher goals. 

Participants in our study will have a comprehensive understanding of where they presently stand in the market relative to others and will be well armed to evaluate trading strategy options for the year ahead and beyond. Learn more about our process.

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