1992: Childs Davidson started life in Australia teaching FMCG KAMs to be more effective negotiators. We also started conducting syndicated best practice studies.

1999: Conducted our first syndicated FMCG best practice study in the UK, evaluation Marketing and Sales processes and business integration.

2001: Conducted our first syndicated Global Customer Management study with 12 leading companies in 20 markets. Also started a series of regular Sale Director and Global Sales VP forums in London, New York and Australia.

2007: Moved our corporate office to Dublin, Ireland, whilst retaining a significant office in Sydney, Australia.

2008: Eight years into our international expansion we had evaluated over 400 FMCG companies in 24 markets internationally, conducted global studies that evaluated strategies and business models for managing global customers, customer marketing and trade spend effectiveness.

2008-2012: Global Commerce Initiative invited us to support their New Ways of Working project team, so we became closely involved in developing and testing a new collaboration model aimed at better serving shoppers.

2013: Established a GM/Sales Director forum in South Africa.

2014: Signed a global partner agreement with Blueshift Corporation to exclusively market their world-leading IBP/TPM/Demand Planning solution. New Zealand Food & Grocery Council (FGC) became a partner of our NZ Sales Directors Forum.

2015: Signed a global partner agreement with StayinFront to market their best-in-class sales automation solution. Also set up a new branch office in Barcelona, Spain.

2016: Established new senior executive forums in the Gulf area, Spain and the Netherlands.

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