FMCG clients all over the world tell us that winning at POS has never been more important. However, resources are always tight in this area so clients want to do more with less and to be reassured that the right, high value adding activities are getting attention.

Childs Davidson’s field sales model addresses this through five key deliverables:

  1. Targeting stores based on their objective, validated potential;
  2. Locking in ‘standing orders’— the high value, routine activities in each specific class of store that deliver baseline sales;
  3. Ensuring disciplined, cross-functional cycle planning/resource planning that reconciles with routine activity; 

  4. Optimising journey plans to ensure more face-time with customers; 

  5. Introducing consistent field coaching and front-line competency/performance management. 

In delivering these consulting services to clients, we are proud to be global partners with StayinFront, the worlds most effective field sales automation system: what Gartner has called “best in class” and we agree. 

This system was built for the Consumer Goods industry: an easy to use and a highly flexible/scalable solution that can be configured to meet the exact needs of FMCG clients anywhere. StayinFront has already been successfully adopted internationally by some of the world’s best known FMCG companies.

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