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Childs Davidson has been running regular expert group discussions since 2001, bringing together senior commercial executive from leading companies on four continents. CEOs, International Sales VPs, local Sales Directors and Customer Marketing managers gain a great deal from their participation. They tell us that they come for five main reasons:
  • When you sit and discuss shared challenges with eight of ten peers from leading companies, the collective expertise and insight in the room is without equal;
  • There are so many bear traps in our constantly changing commercial setting, it is reassuring to hear how others are solving (or indeed not solving) these challenges;
  • It’s great to be able to leave the rat race behind occasionally and share ideas about opportunities that are as yet over the horizon;
  • When you are expected to be the all-knowing expert for your function, there is no better way to be well informed about industry issues and their implications for your company;
  • Childs Davidson is plugged into a wide cross-section of leading FMCG companies around the world so they bring very broad perspective to these forums.

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