Best-practice Research

This involves researching advanced practices in marketing and sales methods and evaluating clients against these standards as a basis for recommending improved effectiveness.

In 2001, 2004, 2008 and 2012 we conducted research projects into Global Customer Management.  This involved research within 20 suppliers and eight international customers in 25 markets. It is high value adding research that emphasised strategic insights and the formulation of responses to issues and opportunities.

In the four years since 2008, Childs Davidson played a key role in the global New Ways of Working project run by GCI and picked up by the global Consumer Goods Forum in its merger with CIES. We designed the new capability model now adopted as the industry standard for trading partner collaboration. We have used this extensively as the basis for benchmarking manufacturers and retailers in the US, Canada, the UK, Poland and Australia.

Occasionally we conduct targeted, issue-specific benchmark studies for clients.  For example, we recently completed seven case studies examining sales organisation models in the US market. We also conducted a 10 market study examining distribution models on the traditional trade.

What all these studies have in common is the application of our experience as investigative researchers and our understanding of advanced business practices.

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